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RomneyCare: Trying to Have It Both Ways

Feb 8th, 2007 - Human
Less than a year ago, Mitt Romney boasted of his "success - in solving the problem of underinsurance in Massachusetts through the adoption of his controversial, but groundbreaking RomneyCare program. Today, he's disclaiming responsibility for the initiative's failings. Is it another case of flip-flopping on the part of the Rockefeller Republican-cum-supposed conservative?
Back in April, 2006, an op-ed ran in the Wall Street Journal. It was written by then-Massachusetts Gov. Mitt...

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What's Wrong With RomneyCare?

Dec 5th, 2006 - Human
RomneyCare, Gov. Mitt Romney's "revolutionary" healthcare initiative, was introduced earlier this year to applause from the mainstream media, Senators Hillary Clinton and Teddy Kennedy, and Families USA - all wild at the idea of universal healthcare in Massachusetts. Such endorsements were not the best of signs for conservatives, but they were certainly eye-catching, especially with the hunt for future presidential talent on. And many Republicans were wondering whether RomneyCare was the...

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