September, 12th 2011

WA Daily Bullet Points

– Liz Mair

Beginning today, at around noon ET each day (give or take an hour), I'm going to aim to post what I'll be calling "WA Daily Bullet Points," a summary of interesting tidbits relevant to politics, and occasionally other things, affecting my home state.

Here's the inaugural edition:

  • Jay Inslee brings in $500k in August, bringing his total war chest to $1.62 million.
  • Rob McKenna outspends Inslee as the gubernatorial race heats up.
  • Ron Sims might, maybe, run for Seattle Mayor (or so the rumor mill suggests) and Publicola's Morning Fizz is treating that as less of a joke than previously. (Count me out as a prospective supporter of any Sims bid).
  • The P-I has a great slideshow of 9 Capitol Hill places long gone that's made me all nostalgic.  I went to school on First Hill and spent a lot of time during my teenage years hanging out on Capitol Hill.  And yes, I still mourn Minnie's (which is featured in the slideshow) every time I'm back home.


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