August, 17th 2007

Fred takes some action in Iowa; looks a little lazy doing it

– Liz Mair

Jonathan Martin has a post up noting that Fred Thompson campaigned in Iowa today. The most salient point, for me, was that "Thompson was the only candidate to take avail of a golf cart in making his way around the butter cow, pork-chop-on-a-stick and livestock barns."

I agree with Jonathan that "It's perhaps not the best imagery for a candidate whose energy for 18 hour days has been called into question."

This is the biggest issue I have with Fred-- he seems to be a little too laid-back (and yes, maybe even lazy) to really run a winning campaign. And I can kind of imagine that he gets into this race, then decides he can't really be bothered when the campaigning really has to get upstepped just a few weeks or months before the Iowa caucuses, and then he pulls out or something.

Maybe that's harsh, but I just have a bad gut feeling about Fred and his willingness to campaign hard.


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