September, 12th 2007

More on VA-Sen

– Liz Mair

I hate to link to Kos, but his site is the most immediate place I could find these numbers on the VA-Sen race, which I was provided with yesterday (but didn't have time to post on):

Rasmussen. 9/5. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (No trend lines)

Gilmore (R) 34
Warner (D) 54

Davis (R) 30
Warner (D) 57

Kos seems to be construing these polls not as a sign of early, and unavoidable victory for Warner. He's right on that.

The reason Davis' numbers are low probably has to do with low name ID amongst a lot of those polled (he represents an individual district, Warner has high name ID, still, from his time as Governor of the entire state).

I think Republicans are going to have a tough time against Warner, but let me say this: I fancy our chances a heck of a lot more with Davis as the nominee than with Gilmore.

And let's remember, there's plenty to be capitalized on vis a vis Warner's record-- like the fact that he pushed through the biggest-ever tax increase in this state, which people revile.


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