May, 27th 2015

Travel blogging

– Liz Mair

A long time ago, long before I ever got into politics professionally or indeed became a lawyer, I thought it would be cool to be a travel writer. For whatever reason, I never pursued it.

This has probably been to my financial benefit—my suspicion is that travel writers don’t make much, and the competition is pretty fierce. But with that being said, having undertaken a couple of trips with my infant son has got me thinking that there are some observations about the places I’ve been that others might find interesting, even if no one is prepared to pay me to write about these locales. So, since I have a blog, I use it too little, and I occasionally find myself bored of politics and all things political, but I rarely tire of thinking about places I’d like to visit—as well as those I have visited—and travel is about the only indulgence our family has (we don’t drink, we don’t smoke, we don’t do drugs, we don’t eat beef so no steakhouses, etc., etc.), I’ll be posting a few things. We shall see how many of you care to read them.

As a bit of background, I am fairly widely traveled, though still less widely than I would like. I began traveling very early in life, as my family moved from Seattle to just outside London (where, had I not been born on the early side and had my parents left Seattle just a little earlier than they did, I would have been born) and then back again. Maybe that’s why I like travel—it has seemed normal and natural to me from an early age. Or maybe I like it because I just like sampling other cultures, food, and because I love history. Maybe I just like taking a break from things by immersing myself in very different surroundings (I don’t fully understand the concept of a “staycation”).

Whatever. In my view, travel and visiting other places is one of the great things in life, and something I hope my son grows up to appreciate as much as his father and I do. Of course, even if he doesn’t, probably for a few years anyway, even if he doesn’t love traveling, he’ll be along for the ride. Luckily, thus far, he seems to enjoy it—though obviously, some places he has liked far more than others.

In any event, thanks for reading, please tweet your thoughts to me (@LizMair), and I hope you enjoy.



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