October, 3rd 2007

More astonishing by the day... Walter B. Jones to co-sponsor anti-Rush Limbaugh resolution

– Liz Mair

So, yesterday I learned that on FOX, errant Republican Rep. Walter B. Jones of North Carolina said he'd be co-sponsoring this resolution the Democrats are talking about bashing Rush Limbaugh.

I'm not a huge fan of Rush, I'll be the first to admit. But I'm certainly no fan of Jones', either, with this evident leap to buddy up yet further to the Cindy Sheehan elements of the Democratic party who yes, I do think are blowing Limbaugh's comments a little out of proportion. I am not digging Jones' increasingly pathetic voting record from an economic standpoint (a very big deal to me), either. I also find strange his sense of how best to represent his constituents in this military-dominated area of North Carolina who, unlike Americans living in other parts of the country, are very favorable to continued engagement in Iraq, skeptical of the motives of anti-war groups and individuals, and ultimately not being particularly well-served by a guy who has become very cozy with Dennis Kucinich.

So, I say kudos to his primary opponent Joe McLaughlin (full disclosure: I have offered some advice to his campaign) for running this ad, blasting Jones for his actions, and for being a "phony Republican." Check it out. You can also check out Joe's website here. Apparently, quite a lot of voters in North Carolina, who heard the ad when tuning in to Rush's show (yes, my understanding is that the ad relating to the Rush controversy aired during his show), have been doing exactly that-- making one wonder exactly what Jones expected to get out of this whole co-sponsorship shenanigan.

Maybe it's another example of his "principled conservatism" (which presumably should involve not wasting congressional time on stupid resolutions)...


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