November, 15th 2007

More Mormon bashing

– Liz Mair

Jonathan Martin has the story.

Let me just say this on the subject that I hate politicians targeting each other over religion. I really, really do. And I am sensitive to Mormon-bashing, in particular, because, well, part of my family is Mormon.

In my view, candidates-- and their proxies (and I suspect it is proxies involved in this case)-- should fight each other on the issues, not on the basis of whose faith is weird, creepy, out-of-the-mainstream, etc. Where Romney is concerned, there's plenty of fodder for attacking him on the issues and in relation to his record. This is a one-term ex-Governor of an incredibly liberal state who was until recently pro-choice, pro-gay rights, extremely anti-gun, pro-comprehensive immigration reform, and pro-government run health care, with a record on taxes that did not look extremely strong. There's plenty to attack the guy over, without bringing baptisms after death, golden tablets and magic underwear into the equation.

I don't flatter myself to the extent that I think whoever's behind this particular instance of Mormon-bashing reads this blog. But if they do, I'd ask them to take this into consideration. It takes a particular pathetic-ness to go after someone over their faith.


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