July, 23rd 2007

Highlights of the YouTube debate thus far

– Liz Mair

So, I'm watching the YouTube debate on CNN. My favorite bits thus far:

* Joe Biden hammering everyone for voting to take body armor away from the troops (Ok, it's Joe Biden, but he has a point)

* John Edwards' hair

* Bill Richardson saying that we should teach sculpture in schools (the ceramics teacher at my school had better be stoked)

* Dennis Kucinich hammering Hillary and Obama about their support for the war (because we know they are big hypocrites, and it's fun to hear it, even if it comes from the guy who looks like the lead singer of The Cramps)


* Barack Obama sure is spending a lot of time standing around with his nose in the air, looking like a snotty teenage Tory

* Hillary is wearing another atrocious jacket. Yes, I like the color, but what is with these minimal mandarin collars, and weird wavy prints?

* Dennis Kucinich is not debating wearing leather trousers, and interspersing his commentary with rockabilly/punk-esque renditions of "Bird is the Word."


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