March, 23rd 2009

Wow... check out the big approval rating on...

– Liz Mair

... Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman:

Huntsman comes out of the 45-day Legislature with an 84 percent job approval rating, found pollster Dan Jones & Associates in a new survey for the Deseret News and KSL-TV.

As I've noted before, this is the governor of a pretty conservative state who happens to be pro-gay-civil-unions and outspoken on the environment (he's pretty green)-- and who got a solid score from Cato in its most recent round of fiscal ratings, while boasting a resume that suggests real depth of knowledge and focus where areas of policy like international trade, in particular, are concerned.  He also recently pushed out a health care plan, which I may just get to grips with thoroughly examining in a later post.  For the time being though, this guy seems like a rather intriguing character, at least for yours truly. [intro]


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