February, 11th 2010

Castillo endorsements

– Liz Mair

In the last week, I've written two posts that note former Sen. Slade Gorton's endorsement of Jaime Herrera.  But I would be remiss if I did not also take a moment to note David Castillo's endorsements, many if not all of which were obtained before I really started covering this race in any meaningful sense.

So here you have it: Per Castillo spokesman Bill Lohr (via the Columbian), Castillo has been endorsed by Attorney General Rob McKenna, someone of whom yours truly thinks very highly, and 13 House Republicans.  Says Lohr on the subject of the respective endorsement tally between Castillo and Herrera, “I think it’s more telling that of her own colleagues in the state Legislature, more of them have endorsed David."

This is an interesting point, because on the one hand, yes, Herrera's colleagues in the legislature are the ones who know her best and who you might expect to be the most eager to jump on board her proverbial train.  That being said, it is of course worth also mentioning that often, the earlier entrant to a race locks up support from big names in his or her party faster than a late entrant does-- and Herrera is a late entrant.  Herrera entered the race very late in 2009; Castillo told me in my interview with him that he began running in June. So maybe yes, maybe no-- but worth pondering.

What I think is more noteworthy, overall, here is that each of these candidates has a big dog in the fight, and in their corner: McKenna for Castillo, Gorton for Herrera.  As I've said before, this is going to be an interesting race to watch, and the split of big names between each camp only underlines the point.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE: A reader emails "Castillo was also chief of staff to the House Minority Leader in a respectable list of endorsements from House Republicans is rather logical for him.  He has probably known more of them longer than Herrera, even though she serves with many of them."  Good point! [intro]


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