April, 9th 2010

UW Frat Boys attract police in riot gear

– Liz Mair

Here's a non-political post for a Friday. 

The other night, power went out along Seattle's Frat Row.  And the Frat Boys, it turns out, not doing anything to, you know, perpetuate stereotypes about Frat Boys behaving like drunken yobbos or anything, decided to build and light a bonfire.  Out of couches.  The police showed up with riot gear on.  The Fire Department had to put the bonfire out.

Some pics (credit to the UW Daily):

I wasn't involved in the Greek system at University.  This is in part because I didn't attend University in this country.  But even if I had, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been involved in these kinds of shenanigans.  I'm sure the Frat Boys enjoyed themselves, but this is the kind of dumb stuff that I can attest actual homeowners and non-student residents of the general U District loathe about their neighbors.  I'm a libertarian, and am all for self-expression.  But I hope the guys who started this are made to compensate the police and the Fire Department for the time they wasted dealing with their, um, creation, instead of actually, you know, doing what they're paid to do (which is not clean up after boozy, overgrown teenagers).

In their honor, and since it's a Friday and I don't write about Supreme Court nominations and the like, here's a song that a lot of Seattle residents find equally annoying to stereotypical Frat Boy antics:




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