July, 31st 2007

This doesn't strike me as exactly cool

– Liz Mair

Readers will know that I'm not exactly completely convinced by the candidacy of ex-Congressman and CO-Sen GOP candidate Bob Schaffer. This is mainly because I believe that Colorado is a state that is rapidly heading blue, and becoming less across-the-board conservative (see Sen. Wayne Allard's not-exactly-resounding 51% victory in 2002, Democrats' defeat of Republicans to take control of the state legislature in 2004, Republicans losing the 2004 US Senate race and the CO-3 House race also in 2004, Democrats winning of even more state legislature seats in 2006, and Democrat Bill Ritter's win of the gubernatorial race last year-- oh yeah, and Democrats picking up yet another House seat, and Marilyn Musgrave "winning" with 45% of the vote in 2006)-- so a Republican with a very conservative record, like Schaffer seems likely to have serious trouble running, and winning.

That's going to be even more true if things like this keep coming out. For those too lazy to open the link, the point is, Schaffer apparently cast the deciding vote to dish out a contract to a company whose owner donated to his campaign. And Schaffer hadn't disclosed any relationship with the owner of the company-- his campaign donor.

I agree with Colorado Pols that at first glance at least, this looks bad-- and I also agree that it's likely to be raised in a campaign commercial next year.

With Colorado going blue, in my assessment because the state just happens to be a bit more socially libertarian than, say, Marilyn Musgrave, and getting a bit pissed off with the kind of hard-right philosophy on each and every issue that she espouses-- and because Coloradans seem to be convinced that they can get fiscal conservatism from "liberaltarians" without all the religious conservative nutbaggery--one tends to think that Schaffer being, apparently, so easily branded as corrupt and in politics to enrich his friends is exactly what the GOP doesn't need out there right now...


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