August, 1st 2007

Perhaps Renzi should just go now

– Liz Mair

Rick Renzi obviously seems to be in a world of trouble, and getting himself into a situation where he's going to get his butt kicked by a Democrat, and move Arizona into the blue state category by at least one measure, as it stands today. Yet, he's not saying he won't run for re-election-- something that might, just might, give Republicans a clean shot at holding his seat (which I seriously doubt will happen if he's on the ballot).

AZ Central is reporting that there are two Republicans waiting in the wings, just hanging out while Renzi gets to the point of making a decision that most people seem to think should be a foregone conclusion.

Said two Republicans are Rep. Bill Konopnicki, R-Safford, and Sen. Tom O'Halleran, R-Sedona. I don't know much about either of these two (I will investigate), but my initial info says that Konopnicki has a little bit better tax-and-fiscal ratings-- but that both of these guys look like they could be a bit more socially moderate than what Republicans normally come up with in Arizona (and I'd note that serious socons look like they may not be sitting as well with voters as some might have hoped-- ahem, Randy Graf-- so somewhat more socially moderate Republican candidates may not be a bad thing, given the way things seem to be going out West; of course, since I'm a social moderate, socons will remind me that obviously, I'd say that).


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