April, 15th 2010

2005 general election redux in Islington South-- and a trip down memory lane

– Liz Mair

Readers will hopefully forgive me indulging in a little reminiscing... I was reminded today to do a little post about how Emily Thornberry, the Labour MP representing Islington South (my constituency) is running against Bridget Fox, her Lib Dem opponent from 2005, once again this year.

This causes me to chuckle a little.  Neither lady will of course get my vote, but Bridget Fox reprising the role of the Lib Dem candidate in Islington South is of particular interest to me because, well, when she was up for re-election as a councillor in 2006, she lost-- probably in part due to some bad information dug up and highlighted by-- ahem-- local Conservatives, and which I wonder if Emily Thornberry might try to remind people of over the next couple of weeks.

Here's the deal.  Bridget Fox used to be the Executive Member for Sustainability on Islington's Council.  That meant that she oversaw a bunch of environmental initiatives, including things like recycling.  So it wasn't good news for her when it was discovered that a bunch of Islington's recyclable waste was not, in fact, recycled, but rather sent to a Third World toxic waste dump which, if memory serves, was located pretty much right next to a primary (elementary) school.


Awesome job of promoting "sustainability" there, Bridget.  Very green.

This is, apparently, the Lib Dems' strongest contender to beat Thornberry.

To be fair, it looks like she just might do it.

Which probably says something about Thornberry, too. [intro]


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