June, 16th 2013

25 things my Father taught me

– Liz Mair

It's Father's Day, and to mark the occasion, I'm posting another list-- this time of things I learned from my Dad.

Unfortunately, my Father died when I was 21, so he's not around to see what I think he taught me. But in any event, here's the best, funniest, and most useful of those various lessons.

Thanks, Dad. I miss you every day. 

1. It’s better to be smart and compassionate than to be super-smart and lack compassion.


2. It’s always an appropriate time to eat olives.

3. Maintain a sense of humor, even when it seems impossible.

4. The critics are wrong. Ishtar is a great film.

5. Being tight-fisted with money is a virtue. Be cheap and save.


6. A flat tax is a good policy idea.


(My Dad preferred Jerry Brown over Bill Clinton in 1992, in large part because he liked the flat tax proposal).

7. The way you were when you were 25, 30, 35, or 40 need not define the way you will be when you are 50, 55, 60 or older. Not everyone is really grown-up when adulthood descends upon them, but everyone will get there.

8. Sometimes, the best thing to do is just walk away.

9. People will say you can’t do things. Usually, they’re wrong.

10. The Oakland As will pretty much always come out ahead of the Mariners. Especially if you're actually at the game.

11. Education is critical.

(Pier Walk at the University of St. Andrews, where I attended university).

12. Wool breathes.

13. Never trust green women.

(Real lesson: Star Trek is awesome).

14. The most important and interesting parts of all modern music are drums and bass.

15. It’s totally normal and appropriate to dip French Fries/chips in milkshakes.

16. When you’re in pain, take painkillers.  When you’re sick, take your medicine, drink lots of liquids and go to sleep.  Sitting around suffering isn’t conducive to healing.

17. Sometimes, you’ll take shit for doing the right thing. But it’s still the right thing.

18. Always tell racists and other “phobes” off, no matter who they are.

19. Christmas is for the children; get them gifts, forget about the adults.

20. It’s better and more efficient to take someone shopping for a present and get them something they really want, rather than try to guess, surprise them, and get it wrong.

21. Raw intellect without common sense can prove limiting.

22. There are worse things to be than "difficult to work with." Stupid and immoral are two such things.

23. Be careful about pissing off your mother.

24. It's totally fine to be the proud owner of 15 rabbits at a time.

25. To paint, to draw, art history, how to read stock statistics and what they mean, and how best to manage your financial arrangements to maintain as much peace and harmony as possible at home. 





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