November, 17th 2007

A non-Mormon-gate story

– Liz Mair

In yesterday and today's Mormon-gate frenzy, I missed some news of interest. McCain won the endorsement of former Colorado Lt. Gov. Jane Norton.

This is a big get for McCain, at least in my eyes. Norton is a fave of mine, and I had very much hoped she would run for the open Colorado Senate seat next year. Sadly, she's not doing that. But, if the GOP takes more hits in Colorado next year, and the lesson is learned about the state being more drawn these days to fiscally conservative, socially moderate Republicans, she could be a shoo-in for a Republican nomination for the next big statewide race. OK, in fairness, if she'd wanted to enter the Senate race this year, she probably would have been, too. But nonetheless...

Note that this also helps shore up McCain's credentials in the increasingly libertarian-ish looking Mountain West-- a subject which readers will know is of particular interest to me.


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