September, 4th 2007

A reader clarifies Romney's reference to "Tube Steaks"

– Liz Mair

From an alert reader, who knows more about Massachusetts culinaria than I:

In certain parts of Massachusetts the term Tube Steaks is commonly used to denote hot dogs. That is because a famous hot dog stand, Joe and Nemo's, was located next door to the underground which is usually called the tube here in Boston. So people would say "I'm going to the tube to get one of those steaks at Joe and Nemo's." Of course, all they sold were hot dogs so that is how the name became popular in certain Boston neighborhoods.

Apparently, Massachusetts has something of a habit of calling common foods by unusual names.

In any event, I guess I owe Mitt Romney for any insinuation that there was something wrong with the terminology he applied to hot dogs.

Of course, the fact that he is calling them by a Bostonian nickname may not endear him to people who hate all things Massachusetts (Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Michael Dukakis, the Red Sox, or, you know, whatever).


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