July, 19th 2007

Americans United For Change ad ignores group's top agenda item

– Liz Mair

Well, well. My good friends at Americans United for Communism-- oops, I mean Change are running an ad touting the Democratic Congress' achievements. It appears that while liberal interest groups are totally stoked about what the Dems have been up to, ordinary Americans aren't (Congress' approval rating is down to 14% right now-- that's right, that's lower than Nixon's approval rating on the day he left office).

So, AUC, which is determined to get Dems re-elected and sent back to Washington in 2008 so that they can force through their stupid Card Check Bill that eliminates democratic elections in the workplace because, you know, authoritarianism is just fine as long as it serves the goals of the likes of Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters' Union, is running ads to remind everyone that actually, the Democrats are awesome because they increased the minimum wage and did some fiddling with some children's health program that most people have never heard of.

What I find hilarious-- hilarious, I tell you-- is that AUC apparently isn't mentioning the Card Check legislation, which Democrats rabidly pushed as political payback for union support that helped propel them into office last year. Perhaps that's because the legislation was a dead-ender (the Senate put a stop to the lunacy of introducing Soviet-style decision-making in the workplace, fortunately). Or maybe it's because with only 12% of the workforce nationwide being part of a union, AUC is aware that no matter how important Card Check is to its founders and donors (i.e., big labor, since this is a group almost 100% funded and backed by big labor, and set up at its behest), it isn't actually popular in the least bit and, surprise, when people learn about what the legislation does, they really hate it!


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