October, 9th 2007

And yet more debate

– Liz Mair

I don't really know why McCain thinks it pays for him to talk about immigration, but I don't think it does.

Ah, Romney's going to talk about how Hillary Clinton has no private sector experience except as a lawyer. And he's raised his health care plan. Well done, Mitt. Perhaps you haven't noticed, but what she's advocating essentially is your health care plan!!!


It would be ever so nice if Rudy would start talking about how Hillary's health care plan basically is RomneyCare, but he won't. However, he is making a good point about how he's already forcing her to retreat on policy ideas she's generating. That's good stuff.

Wonderful, Duncan Hunter's on about bad trade deals again.

Sam Brownback, one of the more dour and generally unexciting members of the US Senate, wants YOU to be optimistic. He also just used the word "rocks," and not in describing stones. Jeez.


Fred's talking Social Security. I generally see him as strong on this issue, but he sounds like he's shifting away from it to talk about even national parks. He glosses over private accounts in a throwaway phrase. He's now talking indexation re: Medicare, which makes some sense, but when he says it won't solve the problem, one wonders why he's raising it.

Tancredo's trying to explain what's wrong with our free trade agreements in Paul-esque terms, but he's not nearly as good at it as Paul himself.

Romney's talking health care. This is a tricky issue for him in the GOP primary, since the Democrats have basically copied his RomneyCare plan and federalized it, which prevents him from really championing his own record, and forces him to bash it, which is to tough to do since-- it's HIS!!! Nice soundbyte on the "this is not a Democratic issue," except I think if you look at the polling, it's pretty clear that most of America doesn't agree with him.

Paul on unions: I'm with him.

Huckabee sees a greater role for unions in the future. He may be right. He's shifting onto his greed chat now.

McCain's making an excellent point about right to work, and that no one should be forced to join a union-- and he's smart to raise Card Check, which is a big issue, though I don't know how it plays in a state like Michigan (probably to the Democratic advantage, I suspect).

Romney likes the Carpenter's Union. He won't name bad unions. Just as well.

Thompson is a union member. Novelty!

Giuliani's grandma was a union member. Chris wants him to sing the union song. Rudy thinks this is a bad idea. I do, too. He's praising the UAW, also (politically smart).

Hunter likes the steelworkers. This is not a huge surprise.

Brownback's mother was a union member, too. A "postal packing grandma." But he thinks there can be abuses (so do I).

Tancredo just dissed Brownback's mom. Bad move. Funny, though.


McCain's in the cheap seats and he drinks ethanol for breakfast. Damn!

Thompson doesn't think the government should step in when workers walk out on automakers. No kidding.

Oh God. Giuliani's getting asked about protecting kids online. He's responding by talking about not taxing the internet, and policing the internet to prevent child predators from using the internet. He wants some kind of federal-state partnership taskforce. He's talking about some complex firewall system developed by a company he worked with. Ridiculum. Giuliani says he doesn't like the idea of setting up new agencies to combat things like internet predators, he likes fixing things.

McCain says no new agencies, go after the money.


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