August, 14th 2007

Another moment when I feel highly dubious about what Heritage has to say

– Liz Mair

From CATO@Liberty:

From a recent Heritage Foundation paper on eliminating the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, a.k.a. SCHIP, a.k.a. MediKid:

As an alternative to the tobacco tax, Congress might look to raise income taxes to avert a SCHIP funding shortfall.

Yeeeeouch! is right!

I wondered what exactly Heritage were on when they got in bed with Romney to help him formulate a plan that is so "conservative" and "free-market" that now John Edwards & Co are ripping it off, but when they start proposing income tax hikes, I get to the point of thinking they've totally lost the plot.

Obviously, I recognize that what Heritage is really advocating for here is a solution that's a little more free-market friendly than SCHIP. Still, they said it: raising income taxes. Jeesh.


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