August, 3rd 2007

Anyone else find it interesting...

– Liz Mair

... that Rudy decided to tout his health care plan, which was helped to be crafted by an opponent of RomneyCare and is totally unlike RomneyCare, in Romney's hometown paper?

It seems that people on the Giuliani team understand the term "in your face." I love it!

UPDATE: RCPhas video up of Romney talking health care, getting hammered by a few people. Watch it-- it's interesting. Not least because Romney says in there that you get subsidized care if you earn less than $54k (and you have a family of four) , but fails to mention that if you earn $55k and you have to buy your own insurance for you and your family, it costs about $11k. Which is one of the many things that sucks about his plan.


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