February, 5th 2010

Awesome get for Herrera

– Liz Mair

Via @nansen, I learn that Jaime Herrera has scored a big get in the WA-03 race: The endorsement of former Sen. Slade Gorton, who said today confidently: "Jaime Herrera will win this election."

Gorton, many will remember, narrowly lost to Sen. Maria Cantwell back in 2000.  He's a Seattle Republican, considered to be a moderate.  And my sources tell me that Herrera opponent David Castillo has been hitting Herrera for garnering "out-of-district endorsements" just like this one (and including it, says one).  To be fair, Seattleites aren't generally the objects of affection in the Vancouver area, and many of those active in the Republican base in Washington, as in other states, can be less than enthusiastic about moderation in their (Republican) elected officials and party elders.

However, Gorton is a heavy-hitter and with bigger names like Dino Rossi and Susan Hutchison and Rep. Dave Reichert rumored to be considering a run against Sen. Patty Murray and presumably wanting to avoid picking a side between Herrera and Castillo (or indeed ruffling feathers by backing a different candidate altogether) if they do, this is an important endorsement for her.  It is worth noting that a lot of Rossi folks do seem to be backing Herrera privately, however.

Added political trivia tidbit: Against Cantwell in 2000, Gorton carried Clark County, the population center of the district, with 69,265 to Cantwell's 58,971.  He's probably got some advice that Herrera will find beneficial as the year moves forward. [intro]



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