August, 3rd 2007

Bad buzz on the new McCain book

– Liz Mair

John McCain's new book is set to hit stores on August 14th. But, Bloomberg's Edward Nawotka is already writing about it.

The book is called "Hard Call: Great Decisions and the Extraordinary People Who Made Them."

Nawotka's first move in commenting on it is to cite Democrat George Shipley, who said about it "It's got to be ironic...because in recent years McCain has failed to make the hard calls. What does he really think about the war? About the abuses at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib? About the justice department and Alberto Gonzales?"

That's not my beef with the book (actually, I think McCain has had to make plenty of hard calls in the last couple of years, and his most recent big one is one of the two main factors that has led to his dwindling Presidential campaign). My issue is that the name seems incredibly odd.

"Hard Call" sounds a lot more like something that Bill O'Reilly would write than John McCain, whose previous titles include "Character Is Destiny," "Faith of My Fathers," "Why Courage Matters," and "Worth the Fighting For"-- all of which allude to McCain's deep belief in some greater purpose and sense of duty, on some level.

"Hard Call?" It just doesn't achieve that, as far as I am concerned. But, then again, that may have been the idea in naming the book-- one of the things that some love, but some equally revile about McCain is this sense that he's always on some higher mission, and he thinks everyone else should be contributing more, too (see his calls to patriotic duty, civic involvement and so on-- all good things, but also things that tend to freak out freak out the libertarian elements in politics a little, and the usual comments you get about St. John McCain on conservative blogs).


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