July, 22nd 2007

Big, fat problem for Gov. Christine Gregoire (D-WA)

– Liz Mair

I missed this on Friday, but there's been another poll out affecting the Washington Governor's race, and it's not good news for Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire.

Readers will recall that Republican Dino Rossi won the 2004 gubernatorial election according to two counts of ballots, but on the third count, Gregoire won by 133 votes (and note that the third count was allegedly plagued by massive electoral fraud).

Now, she's had 3 years to persuade those who didn't support her that she's the right person for the job and guess what? It looks like she's failed. The survey conducted last week by Moore Information found that 47% of the voters surveyed back Gregoire, 43% back Rossi, and 10% are undecided-- and with a margin of error of 4%, that makes this a statistical dead heat. Which is really, really bad news for Gregoire.

As the Seattle P-I commented:

"the fact that Rossi has managed to hang around close to Gregoire should worry Dems. Rossi hasn't had much a public platform these past three years and the news for Gregoire has been mostly good (good economy combined with bad atmosphere for Republicans nationally)."



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