November, 1st 2007

Bush, on TV, talking about Mukasey

– Liz Mair

So, I've got MSNBC on (as ever) and I look up from writing a column on this ridiculous concept, and what should I see, but Bush, on TV, at the Heritage Foundation, speaking out in favor of AG nominee Mukasey!

While I don't want to sound overly high-minded or deprecating of the President, I am wondering however if I might offer him a suggestion. George, given that just about everyone in the whole country hates you right now, if you want to get Mukasey confirmed, perhaps the smarter move would be to go down to Heritage, stand up and say "I hate Mukasey, I think he's an idiot, I don't want him anywhere in my administration, but I can't be bothered yanking his nomination, so Democrats, please just do the dirty work for me and don't confirm him because he'll be trouble for me and I don't want to work with him."

That would almost certainly do more to progress this nomination than whatever chit-chat the President is currently engaged in.

And, for the record, I don't personally think that if I were in the Senate, I'd vote against confirming Mukasey, but some of his comments on subjects like waterboarding have looked a little dubious. Personally, I don't think the issue is whether or not the AG thinks waterboarding is torture or not, or even legal, but rather whether he thinks it is endorsable as an interrogation technique. Clearly, he doesn't think we should be doing it, and I'm minded to side with the likes of McCain and Graham on this one. Confirm the dude, even though he could have put up a better show and probably there are people I'd rather see in the job (for the record, since this has been suggested to me before by readers, no, I do not think Rick Santorum is one of them). Get it over and done with. And please, Mr. President, just quit talking about this subject. You have zero credibility with about 70% of the population. Recognize that Big Bird would probably offer a more compelling endorsement of Mukasey.


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