October, 2nd 2007

CO-Sen developments

– Liz Mair

Readers know that of the 2008 races I'm watching, CO-Sen is one of the top three. So, I am of course compelled to mention that a second Republican has decided to run for retiring Sen. Wayne Allard's seat. His name is Wayne Wolf..

I don't know jack about this guy as it stands, but I'll be doing some investigating today. What my gut tells me, though, is that not everyone in Colorado can be thoroughly convinced about ex-Rep. Bob Schaffer's ability to take out Mark Udall. I'll admit, I haven't been completely convinced of Schaffer's ability to take out Udall, either.

But as to the question of who I personally would prefer, between Schaffer and Wolf, I don't have an answer just yet. Anyone with any background information should feel free to email me.


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