August, 2nd 2010

Castillo sweeps third district paper endorsements

– Liz Mair

In what can only be described as something of a coup for David Castillo, one of the two leading Republican contenders in Washington's third district, he has garnered the endorsements of every major newspaper read in Southwest Washington that endorses in primary contests.

Republican David Castillo has won endorsements from the Seattle Times, the Longview Daily News, the Chronicle of Centralia and the Columbian in his primary campaign for the open 3rd Congressional District seat.

The Columbian endorsed both Castillo and Republican state Rep. Jaime Herrera in the top two primary; the Times and the Daily News endorsed Castillo and Democrat Denny Heck; and the Chronicle, in its Saturday edition, endorsed Castillo.

The Olympian, the other daily newspaper in the 3rd District, does not endorse in primary elections.

These endorsements are a great get for Castillo, something that may enable him to remain competitive in a race where he's been at a financial disadvantage, and where his main opponent, Herrera, has been on the air for a couple of weeks now.  At the end of the day, I'm incredulous that in a battle between TV advertising and newspaper endorsements, newspaper endorsements will win.  However, in this case, they may help underline a sentiment that I've heard from a few people who are more partial to Castillo than Herrera: Herrera has more support in among national-level figures and institutions (her old boss, Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers and, it is perceived--incorrectly, in my view-- the NRCC), whereas Castillo is the "local" guy.  I should note that this is not the perception of many in-district Herrera supporters I talk to.  However, if Castillo can leverage these endorsements to advance that argument-- ideally in an actual TV ad, he might be able to shore up the support he needs to make it past the primary.

Of course, Herrera supporters will tell you that if he does, Denny Heck will be the next congressman from the third district, but in reality, Herrera won't find it a cakewalk running against Heck, either.  With ballots out to voters now, stay tuned for more developments in this race. [intro]


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