December, 14th 2007

Democrat in a pickle in CO-2

– Liz Mair

Usually, when I write anything involving the words "Democrat" and "Colorado," it's to point out what a stellar job Democrats have done in kicking GOP butt in the state. But not today!

From Politics West:

Boulder Democrat Jared Polis was slammed by opponents Thursday after releasing a television ad blasting corporate "war profiteers" in Iraq - including two companies in which the congressional candidate owns stock.

Within hours of the ad's release, an opposing campaign pointed out Polis is invested in companies whose names scroll across the screen as he laments lining "the corporate pockets" of war contractors.

Polis countered that his opponents for Congress - former state Senate president Joan Fitz-Gerald and Boulder conservationist Will Shafroth - also own stock in mutual funds including some of the same companies.

Polis, an Internet entrepreneur and former chairman of the state school board, said he wasn't "much of a trader or investor" and did not deliberately invest in any of the companies profiting from the war.

He called his investments in mutual funds no different than Fitz-Gerald and Shafroth's "asset strategies."

Fitz-Gerald's campaign, though, called him out on hypocrisy.

"I don't believe either Will or Joan has a TV commercial up on the air at the present time," criticizing companies they invest in, said Fitz-Gerald campaign manager Mary Alice Mandarich.

Polis financial disclosure form filed with the U.S. House said he earned at least $15,000cq from Tetra Tech in 2007, at least $200 from General Dynamics and from $100,000 to $1 million from Raytheon Company.

Raytheon was not listed in Polis commercial, but is in the top 100 Iraqi war contractors, according to the Center for Public Integrity. After Fitz-Gerald's campaign researched Polis investments, Polis pointed out that her mutual funds include stocks in Halliburton and General Dynamics.

Polis ad - showing him putting on a flak jacket in Baghdad and standing near a wall while an armed soldier walks nearby - also caused a dust-up because he originally said his Thanksgiving trip to the Middle East was not a political stunt.

Uh, yeah. You can see Polis' ad, in its full glory, here.


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