May, 15th 2009

Democratic leadership FAIL

– Liz Mair

Check out this, from Politico's front page:

Note the caption: "Democratic leaders warn supporters that they won't be able to accomplish everything they set out to do this year."

As Politico correctly notes, if Franken is seated as a Senator, Harry and his friends will have a bulletproof, 60 vote majority.

That means the GOP won't be able to filibuster.

But even with that major obstacle to Democrats passing bills eliminated, it seems Harry & Co still won't be able to get it together to pass items that evidently constitute noteworthy parts of their agenda.

I don't spend a lot of time touting Republican leadership in the Senate, but I will say this: I'm pretty sure that with 60 votes, our guys could get stuff that matters as much to our base as things like closing  the "gun-show loophole" do to the Democratic party base passed into law.

Separately, you've got to wonder just how unpopular core Democratic agenda items like individual gun control efforts or, say, card check (i.e., the Employee "Free" Choice Act) are among the population at large if Senate Democrats, with their 60 votes, can't seem to get enough of their own members onside to progress them.  60 votes or no, this smacks of the Democratic party continuing to be the philosophical home of some pretty unapalatable policy prescriptions.

Democratic leadership FAIL. [intro]


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