December, 20th 2007

File under "who cares?"

– Liz Mair

Firedoglake's Jane Hamsher asks if Huckabee had gastric bypass surgery. Apparently, this is a relevant point to contemplate because:

Much of Huckabee's "can-do," likeability quotient rests on his remarkable weight loss story, and the book he wrote about his experience -- crediting his success to diet and exercise.

Well, that's deep political analysis for you. Next thing we'll be reading the tea leaves to ascertain the relevance of Hillary Clinton evidently having switched to white, frilly jackets perhaps because making herself look more feminine is really key to her campaign strategy.

Oh, except, unlike Huckabee's weight loss, her status as "one of the girls" actually is an essential component of the image she wants to present to voters. Whereas Huckabee's weight loss is, well, just nice, and has the side benefit of making the Huckabee we all know today look rather different (and unrecognizable to a lot of voters in Iowa) when compared to the very large guy featuring in the Club for Growth ads hammering him.


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