August, 27th 2007

Fred: I'm done buying it

– Liz Mair

Fred Thompson apparently told a reporter in Indiana over the weekend that "he expects to officially announce his candidacy in either September or October."

Earlier this month, we were definitely on for an announcement in September-- around Labor Day, in fact. Before that, announcements had been pushed back from May to June, June to July and so on.

Now, as before, it sounds like Fred is planning to push back the timing of an announcement.

I don't want to be the party pooper where my FredHead friends are concerned, but my gut tells me at this stage that this guy is not running. And even if he is, given that he's obviously not able until he announces to go out and formally campaign like any old declared candidate, I'm questioning how he can build up the required momentum to actually win early primaries.

I like Fred-- honestly, I do. But I just don't buy that he's running anymore.


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