August, 7th 2007

From a reader

– Liz Mair

In response to reading this at

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who ran as a moderate in past campaigns in Massachusetts, on Monday rated himself as conservative as the late President Reagan.

In his 12th visit to Florida since January, the former Massachusetts governor was asked to grade himself as a conservative on a scale of one to 10 if Reagan were a 10.

"Probably a 10 as well," Romney said. "I'm trying to think in what places we would differ. As I've gotten older, Reagan keeps getting smarter and smarter."

a reader has emailed in to say this:

Romney is like RuPaul trying to tell women how he's more feminine than they are. No hate to RuPaul, but if you're not born with the equipment, it's a bit rich to call out others who are.


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