October, 17th 2007

Giuliani's big endorsement

– Liz Mair

Last night, when chatting with a friend of mine who is a much more prominent political author than I, I engaged in some speculation about who Rudy's big endorsement of the day was going to be. Given that it coincided with the Club for Growth's big do in DC, our joint money (you might have said) was on it being someone who we know commands a lot of respect with the Club, and who is probably rather DC-based. We speculated about it being Judd Gregg (which would have been fantastic), and commented that although it was wholly unlikely, an endorsement from Mark Sanford would be even better.

It was neither. In fact, the big endorsement was Texas Gov. Rick Perry. And here's the YouTube:

This is certainly big, because it should help move Texas-- a massive state-- towards Rudy (perhaps I should say further towards him, since Rudy already has Pete Sessions, a pretty big figure in Texas politics, on his side). It's also big news because, as Fox points out, Perry is the first sitting governor to endorse a candidate.

However, I have to say that I would have been somewhat more excited by a Gregg endorsement. That's probably just because I like Judd Gregg a lot, though.

UPDATE: I'm a dolt. As a reader points out, obviously other sitting governors have endorsed other presidential candidates. The sentence above should have read "to endorse Rudy AS A candidate." Whoops!


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