April, 12th 2010

Herrera reprises Scott Brown's line

– Liz Mair

Jaime Herrera's campaign notes that "during last Saturday’s Clark County Democratic Convention, [Denny] Heck declared to delegates that Washington’s 3rd Congressional seat 'is our seat, and we’re going to keep it in November!'"

Herrera's Scott Brown-esque response to Heck: “That’s a basic problem with Washington DC today.  We have members of Congress on both sides of the aisle who are so wrapped up in their partisanship that they believe the seats belong to their political party... This seat in Congress belongs to the people – not a political party." (my emphasis added)

If only she'd added a "with all due respect," right?

The snarky side of me feels compelled to add, especially for the benefit of this blog's liberal readers, that maybe Denny Heck didn't mean that the seat belonged to a political party per se, just a supposed progressive who couldn't get it together to explicitly, definitively voice support for Obamacare until, well, the weekend of the vote. I'd conjecture that's how the dudes over at Horse's Ass might have read his comments, anyway. [intro]


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