September, 13th 2007


– Liz Mair

I've been going light on the blogging today, because I'm getting ready to set off to Africa tomorrow. More on that later.

In the meantime, I'm posting a hodgepodge of everything not related to hiking boots and mosquito repellent that has been attracting my attention today.

First up, everyone will have seen that Mark Warner is indeed running for Senate in Virginia. What not everyone will have seen is this website and this video, courtesy of the NRSC:

which accurately points out the Mark Warner is a tax-hiker. The only extra point I'd add to the NRSC video is that Warner actually hiked taxes by the largest margin ever during his term-- so he's not just a tax-hiker, he's an extravagant one.

While this is important for people to bear in mind as we head into next year's elections, I still fear that Warner's going to be tough to beat. And Chris Cillizza does too.

However, as Chris points out in his post at the Fix, weirder things have happened in Virginia (Jim Webb beating George Allen, for instance). So keep watching this race.

In other news, Tom Tancredo, one of my least favorite Republicans, has qualified for matching funds for his presidential bid. May I take a moment to say how ridiculous it is that this guy should be being propped up by taxpayers' money. OK, in my view, it's ridiculous than any candidate gets propped up by taxpayers' money, but given that in my opinion, this guy is "running for President" so that he can get a really sweet book deal and make lots of money touring the country ranting about illegal immigration, it's especially absurd-- taxpayers are paying for him to be able to make lots of dosh when he inevitably exits (stage right, of course).

Speaking of presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton will be unveiling her new health care plan on Monday. Perhaps just as well I'll be out of the country, then...

Kos thinks that Ned Lamont would win a re-match, were he to run against Joe Lieberman again. Scintillating news though this is, it sounds like a waste of money poll to me. Maybe Kos hasn't noticed, but Lieberman is not up for re-election next year. He's got until 2013 in the Senate, whether the netroots like it or not. Or maybe this is just to make them feel powerful and vindicated-- who the heck knows?

On a wholly different (and more sane) note, George Will has some not very nice things to say about Thompson. Money quote (and literally the first sentence of the column): "Fred Thompson's plunge into the presidential pool -- more belly-flop than swan dive -- was the strangest product launch since that of New Coke in 1985." Ouch!

And finally, it appears that Strom Thurmond may have been a swinger. I do remember in 1994 hearing that he had been having a crack at "petting" Patty Murray or somesuch (Murray's Wikipedia article references this, too), but this is a whole different kettle of fish.

Before I go, a reminder about how brilliant Scotland's victory in the football/soccer was yesterday. And a further picture of hero of the week, James McFadden.


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