December, 11th 2007

I told people The Speech wouldn't stop speculation about Mormon beliefs

– Liz Mair

And lo and behold, in the NY Times Magazine, we're discussing whether Jesus and Satan are brothers.

Wait for the ensuing discussion in any other number of publications about magic underpants, people who had two grandmothers who were sisters, and where exactly the Garden of Eden might have been located.

Disclaimer: as most readers know, a good chunk of my family is Mormon. So suffice it to say, all of the above is offered in a non-Mormon-bashing spirit. But, there's a serious point here. A lot of people I've met think my family are freaks when I mention that my great-great grandmother was in fact married to the same man as her sister. So, I am concerned about delving into Mormon beliefs resulting in that kind of reaction, just on a more widespread basis.


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