July, 31st 2007

If you don't just automatically look good as a Democrat, running against a Republican, in Seattle, then just BS!

– Liz Mair

My hometown paper has a funny story up today. Or, at least, I think it's funny.

So, the well-respected Republican who was appointed to replace the well-loved King County prosecutor and (!elected Republican in King County!) Norm Maleng (who died) is doing so well that in order for one of his Democratic opponents to challenge him, the dude is basically making things up.

He's saying he's the "only courtroom prosecutor" in the race. In other words, in order to beat a Republican in one of the most Democratic areas in the country, he's having to imply that the current prosecutor isn't really a prosecutor in the true meaning of the word. Or that he doesn't prosecute courtrooms. Or something.

Funny that this is, apparently, about the only way for a Democrat to contrast himself positively with a Republican in the land of Jim McDermott.


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