October, 16th 2007

Important race in MA-5 today

– Liz Mair

Today, there's an election going on in MA-5! Yes, yes, I know, significantly less exciting than presidential politics, but still-- the MA-5 race represents an opportunity for the GOP to pick up a seat in the bluest of states and-- what's more-- it's not complete pie in the sky.

Here's the latest on the race. From the Politico:

The most recent polls in the race show Ogonowski trailing by narrow margins. A SurveyUSA poll released last week shows Tsongas maintaining a 51 percent to 42 percent lead over Ogonowski. The automated poll surveyed 457 likely voters from Oct. 8 to 10.

Allegedly, there are other polls in circulation which show the two candidates running within the margin of error-- meaning this race could be even tighter.

Even if Ogonowski loses, if it is by less than 15%, it could represent a victory of sorts for the GOP. As the Politico also notes, "As a Republican running in a solidly Democratic district that hasn’t elected a Republican since 1972, Ogonowski faces a decidedly tough challenge. He lost the fundraising battle by at least 4 to 1: As of Sept. 26, Tsongas had raised $1.93 million, compared with $434,000 for Ogonowski."

I'll be watching as returns for this race start coming in-- and you should be, too.


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