February, 28th 2009

Ireland beats England

– Liz Mair

I missed the Ireland v England rugby match in the Six Nations this weekend because I was at CPAC.  But it appears that Ireland beat England by one point: 14-13.

This is not, obviously, quite as good as Scotland beating England (maybe we'll pull that off later this month).  However, in many Scots' (and Scottish-descended folks') book, no matter who it is beating the English, so long as the English do in fact lose, it's a net win for us (this is where I mentally recall Scots samba'ing in Brazil football jerseys in a variety of Brazilian clubs in Soho during a recent World Cup match, in which England faced off against the purveyors of the Beautiful Game).  As someone who certainly prefers Ireland over England (definitely where rugby is concerned), I can say I'm pleased with this weekend's result... though probably not quite as pleased as the Brazil-supporting types.  It's hard to hold a candle to those guys.

In separate sports news, I note that Arsenal drew with Fulham today, 0-0.  This is intensely disappointing, especially after the recent solid result against Roma.  We should be capable of beating teams like Fulham, who have never won on our turf.  I can only hope that we're storing up energy for another victory when we meet Roma at home-- but I'm sure not counting on that, the way things are looking just now. [intro]


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