August, 22nd 2007

Is Bob Schaffer running in CO or not?

– Liz Mair

This is weird.

Udall, who represents Boulder and the 2nd Congressional District, is the only Democrat to have announced his Senate campaign thus far, while former Rep. Bob Schaffer, a Republican member of the Colorado Board of Education, is the only Republican raising money for a Senate race.

Schaffer, who is from Fort Collins, clearly did not want to step into the Pinon Canyon controversy Tuesday. Asked for his opinion on the proposed expansion, the former 4th District congressman declined to give one.

"Next year, when and if I announce my Senate candidacy, it will be a more appropriate time to speak out on this important subject," he said, choosing his words carefully in a telephone interview.

The Club for Growth has endorsed Schaffer, and as ColoradoPols points out, he has announced his candidacy at least twice (apparently). So one wonders what the heck is going on.

Is Schaffer feeling a little less than enthusiastic now about taking on Mark Udall (admittedly, I probably would be were I in his shoes)? Does he simply have the memory of an ant? Or is the Pueblo Chieftan up to no good, misquoting Schaffer?

Who the heck knows. What I do know is, the longer things go on, the more it looks like Republicans have nil chance of holding onto Wayne Allard's Senate seat. Not only is Schaffer (in my opinion) too conservative on social issues for a state that is looking more and more socially moderate by the day, but he's also become embroiled in a major ethics scandal (and we all know how much voters love those). Moreover, he's taking on a Udall-- a household name in the Southwest. And now it looks like he can't even figure out if he's doing that.

I'm on the verge of calling this race done and dusted...


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