October, 6th 2009

Know Thy Audience

– Liz Mair

I only just came across this ad, put together by a group called "Protect Marriage Washington."

That's right folks... this ad is apparently running in the same liberal state up there in the Pacific Northwest that produced yours truly, who is frequently dubbed a "liberal" Republican, but who by Washington standards can be easily described as on the right... which should tell you something about the political and philosophical climate up there.  The conservative South, it ain't...

One wonders exactly who, in the state, it will appeal to.  Washington isn't all liberal, to be sure.  But it's a heck of a lot more liberal and, frankly, secular than a lot of places in this country-- and this ad looks to me like it was designed assuming an electorate that looks more like South Carolina's.

I guess since I'm quite happy with Washington's legal recognition of gay relationships, and wouldn't want to see that reversed, I should be pleased that this looks likely to be thoroughly ineffective.  [intro]


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