December, 20th 2007

Kos on GOP factions

– Liz Mair

Not that I like to link to him, but yesterday, Kos posted something about GOP factions. As he sees it (outsider's perspective, bound to be at least a bit off), there are four of them: corporate cons, paleocons, theocons and neocons.

What about libertarian Republicans, I have to ask? And why is Ron Paul lumped in with Pat Buchanan here, when it's quite clear that on at least one of the big "moral values" issues, Ron Paul actually isn't at all in the same league (gay marriage/the Federal Marriage Amendment)?

What, also, I ask about what I tend to describe, in personal conversation, as suburb conservatives? These guys are pro-government spending, anti-foreign policy aggressiveness, anti-immigration, and marginally concerned about moral values (i.e., they are concerned about violence in video games, sex on TV, probably vote for gay marriage bans but not with the relish or zeal that James Dobson would, but may be pro-choice)?

Just a couple of questions. The GOP is a lot more diverse than many people outside of it think. That's one of the things that's so very tricky about our primary field, in fact.

Side note: it's an odd day when on two counts (OK, really one and a half) I find myself apparently in the same category as Pat Buchanan. And an even odder day when I find myself falling short of one criteria needed to stay firmly within the non- paleo/theo/neocon categories...


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