July, 16th 2007

Liz's interview with Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas on Rudy Giuliani

– Liz Mair

Readers will know that I'm pretty supportive of Rudy Giuliani's campaign for President. That doesn't come as much of a surprise to many people, since Rudy is regarded as a fiscal conservative, strong-on-defense, social moderate-style Republican, much like I consider myself to be. But one thing that is interesting about Rudy's candidacy is that it's not just Republicans like me that back him-- socially conservative Republicans do, too. One of them is Texas Rep. Pete Sessions.

Last week, I sat down with Rep. Sessions to discuss his support for Rudy, the widespread appeal that he (and I) believe that Rudy has, including to moderates and independents, Rudy's excellent fiscal record, his plans on the health care front, and how a social conservative like Rep. Sessions comes to a position of supporting a candidate regarded as more socially moderate than he is. Obviously, our conversation covered a lot of ground-- and I have to say, I found it fascinating to hear in depth exactly why Rep. Sessions is backing Rudy so strongly.

This is Part I of the interview:

And here's Part II:


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