September, 5th 2007

Mass Dems take on Romney

– Liz Mair

On one level, this is kind of worrying, because it means that Romney is being treated as a serious threat by at least some Democrats. On the other, it's just bad news for Romney because while a Democratic attack on a Republican in the pre-primary stage is usually a good thing, this website contains some pretty bad stuff. All the usual Mitt-Flips are on parade-- no news there. But there is a detailed file on tax and fee hiking efforts-- one of the aspects of Mitt that those of us who are fiscal conservatives don't like.

On a less troublesome note, there are details of Mitt's arrests (admittedly all for stuff that is so incredibly benign, I actually laughed when I read it-- but then I'm not someone who gets bothered by foul-mouthedness or trying to take unregistered boats out on the water). I seriously hope none of those bits and pieces shock anyone or singlehandedly put them off voting for the guy because while there are plenty of good reasons not to support the dude at the ballot box, they are not among them.


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