August, 5th 2007

More debate...

– Liz Mair

1. WOW! Giuliani just made a point about democracy that I consistently try to make in arguing against people who say that basic democracy-- i.e., just allowing people to vote-- in countries previously dominated by authoritarian regimes is the answer when it comes to delivering greater stability. Giuliani's basic point is that made by Fareed Zakaria-- that democracy doesn't work, and won't work, until there is a foundation of liberties that are recognized and accepted by the vast majority of a given actual or future electorate. Giuliani is absolutely right to suggest that it makes sense in many cases to hold off on holding elections while a country shifts from an authoritarian regime, where rights are not recognized as fundamental, to a liberal regime (and no, I don't mean liberal like Hillary is).

2. Ooh, McCain and Romney have just had to say "Rudy's right." It's worth remembering however that so far as I am aware, neither of them have ever come identifiably close to making or recognizing the distinction that Giuliani just drew.

3. Romney's getting very close to making the argument that we should copy Hezbollah...

4. My God, Tom Tancredo is thoroughly insane. And it's a sad day when I think Tommy Thompson has said anything credible.

5. These people suck at quoting leaders. Romney screwed up the Teddy Roosevelt quote; Brownback screwed up the Reagan quote. At least Romney can be excused on the basis that he wasn't alive when Roosevelt made that quote. But Brownback surely has heard the clip of Reagan saying "tear down this wall" more than a few times, and it was said during his lifetime as well.


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