August, 5th 2007

More debate...

– Liz Mair

1. Giuliani just made a wonderful, concise point about how reducing taxes increases revenue. He also has spouted off some very persuasive figures. I hope people who don't believe at all in supply-side economics are listening-- and that includes Romney's economic adviser who thinks supply-side economics are extremist.

2. Ooh, Romney's talking about bridges. I wonder whether anyone is going to raise the Big Dig...

3. McCain is on pork. Awesome. He looks seriously p*ssed. This is where I love McCain.

I guess we're having a little commercial break now.

Back from the commercial break.

1. Huckabee sure makes the fair tax sound good-- prostitutes, pimp, drug dealers, illegal immigrants all paying taxes, and no IRS? Great.

2. Except that as Romney pointed out, there are problems with fair tax proposals where home sales are concerned.

3. And Giuliani's just pointed out that the fair tax doesn't get rid of bureaucracy because someone has to set the boundaries on what items will be exempt from tax, and whether certain individuals will be exempt from tax. Giuliani's right that the death tax needs to go, but I would have liked it if he would have talked about some other taxes that need to be got rid of, too.

4. Tancredo's banging on about people not understanding the fair tax. I haven't read Boortz's book, so I'll admit I'm not intimately familiar with every aspect of the fair tax proposal. But, from what I've read, it has great potential to be regressive.

5. Glad to see Brownback weighed in about the optional flat tax-- which is an absolutely brilliant idea.


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