August, 5th 2007

More debate...

– Liz Mair

1. You know what? I'm going to do something controversial and give Sam Brownback credit for saying you can do a good job of raising a child out of wedlock, or in situations of divorce, it's just harder. If more social cons were capable of talking in those terms, they would perhaps stop alienating a lot of people and switching them off, the second they start talking.

2. Rudy's on about leadership again. Why didn't he mention 9/11?

3. Romney is inspired by all of the best people, including his dad. He thinks America will be strengthened with him as president. He wants to strengthen families, our economy, and our military. I think I've heard this before. In one of his expensive campaign ads. Yawn.

4. Great story from Huckabee about pictures of "his boss." This guys tells the best stories. Seriously!

5. The primary purpose of the country is to preserve privacy for the people, Ron Paul? I totally agree that's a noble purpose, but my reading of the Constitution doesn't show that that really is the primary purpose.

6. And Duncan Hunter is on about economic protectionism and economic "patriotism"-- also known as Americans buying American even if Americans produce crapper products than the Japanese, the Chinese, the Indians, or whoever, and at greater cost. I totally disagree with that perspective. But we knew this already, didn't we?


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