August, 5th 2007

More liveblogging...

– Liz Mair

More thoughts:

1. It's a bad day when on any level, I agree with Tom Tancredo. But I did agree with his comment about it not being government's responsibility to provide "womb to tomb" health care.

2. Romney's banging on about everyone going to the emergency room, and how much that costs again. As ever, I'm wondering whether anyone is going to ask the question: if health insurance in Massachusetts costs $400 per month per individual, and government there subsidizes insurance for individuals and families well above the poverty line, is that really cheaper? More to the point, where poorer people who aren't eligible for subsidies have to pay $400 a month, or face a criminal penalty, is that really a good plan to replicate at the federal level?

3. Oh, hey, Duncan Hunter just alluded to it.

4. Giuliani's answer was exceptionally good on the health care point. But, he should have hammered Romney more. He's right on this issue, and is the only on who really gets it.

5. Giuliani is right on this Pakistan issue, to say that if Musharraf absolutely would not act against Al Qaeda, where specifically pinpointed in his country, he would. Taking military action against an organization which planned and carried out 9/11 where a host country refuses to act is very little different from a small scale version of what we actually did do after 9/11, which was recognized by pretty much everyone as perfectly legal, appropriate, and in our security interests. Romney seems to have shifted his answer after having heard what Giuliani had to say. Surprise, surprise, it's now not that we shouldn't bomb Pakistan under any circumstances unless they agree because "they're our friend," it's that it's not a good idea for presidential candidates to be advertising plans like this that might not sit well with foreign leaders. I agree with that point-- it's not a good idea for any public figure, candidate, president, whoever, to go around spouting off that we're going to bomb people, especially in countries whose leaders at least are friendly. But, it was stupid for Romney to suggest that we shouldn't even consider taking unilateral action in Pakistan if that were the only way of taking out Osama bin Laden, because our "friend" would not act.


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