August, 5th 2007

More liveblogging...

– Liz Mair

Mistakes? This is always a bad issue to raise because most people just spout off crap. But...

1. You could have expected Romney to say "taking a pro-choice position." I'm calling BS and pandering on that one.

2. Giuliani offers a brilliant answer. That was funny as hell! And it was probably accurate! Loved it!

3. McCain is talking about Keating Five. Gracious.

4. Tommy Thompson will end breast cancer by 2015. Personally. That's one hell of a commitment.

5. And, Tom Tancredo brings up Jesus. Well, it was either going to be him or Brownback, I guess. Still, I'm afraid I still bristle a bit when people bring this kind of thing up, at least in the kind of terms that Tancredo used.


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