August, 24th 2007

Much talk this morning about the new RomneyCare

– Liz Mair

OK, so today, Mitt Romney has rolled out a new health care plan (good, because the old one stunk). Everyone seems confused, though.

On my reading of things, this new plan of Romney's is a vast improvement over the old plan of Romney's (which I have criticized here, here and here).

It basically replicates most of the Giuliani health care plan, laid out ages ago, when Romney was still touting the plan he implemented in Massachusetts to primary voters.

And on that basis, I'll say "good" and "about time" to Mitt. I still can't see myself supporting him, since it's taken however many months of people criticizing his original plan for its obvious flaws, him being targeted by a whole host of conservative groups over RomneyCare, and the Democratic candidates basically stealing his plan and calling it theirs (something that tells you a lot about how "conservative" or "libertarian" it is).

But, I'm glad he's finally seen sense-- or at least sense enough to realize he's got to put forward a different health care plan if he's going to win the nomination, after which, well, we'll see (I remain convinced that Romney's wild moving about on a ton of issues suggests that he is totally unpredictable as a leader, and can't be counted on to do anything that doesn't placate whatever the biggest interest group he's trying to satisfy at any given moment).


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